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Careco Apartments, Inc.
Careco Apartments, Inc.

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Mission and Philosophy

CareCo Apartments Inc. has been “serving residents with disabilities since 1984”.  CareCo is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health as an ICF/DD (Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled) funded under Rule 34, licensed under 245D.  CareCo provides 24-hour supervised apartment living experiences for up to 14 residents.  Our purpose is to provide our residents with experience and training in apartment living skills.  Some of our residents will go on to more independent living situations, and others enjoy a long-term home at CareCo. As a group home, CareCo offers great flexibility in how it serves its Residents. 

Our focus is on interacting with the people we support, and helping them to meet their own personal goals. That core philosophy remains at the heart of all our programs today. We believe the concept of home-life should be different from school or work. Too often the need for a home retreat is not met in the disabled individual’s life. We recognize that individuals with developmental and physical disabilities have the same emotional needs as non-disabled individuals, and we strive to provide a home environment in which emotional needs for retreat and acceptance are met.

CareCo Apartments is open to anyone over the age of 18, who has received a primary diagnosis of developmental or intellectual disability.  Currently, the potential Resident does not have to reside in Dakota County.

Careco Apartments, Inc.