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Careco Apartments, Inc.
Careco Apartments, Inc.

61XX Carmen Avenue  |  Inver Grove, MN  55076  |  Cell: (952) 250-8299  |  Office: (651) 451-1756  |  email:  |
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Staff updo's with Flo

Staff - Experienced and Loving

At CareCo, our key staff members have worked at CareCo for 30 years or more.  This means our policies and procedures are well-developed and are proven effective over many years of experience.  More important, you can rest assured that all of CareCo’s staff work from the love in their heart. It is their love which provides our Residents with the very best of care and training.

Our staff is trained in CPR, First Aid, Medication Administration, OSHA standards and Vulnerable Adult Law and reporting. Per licensing requirements criminal background checks are done on each new employee.  CareCo has been working in a person-centered way since 1984 when we first opened our doors. We have been working with our Residents to help them live a life that encourages them toward their highest potential.


Residential Care & Services

CareCo encouraged our staff to leave their own agenda at the door when they arrive for work, and to focus on the best interests of our CareCo Residents for whom they are providing services and training.


Once CareCo makes a commitment to provide services for an individual, we do everything possible to continue that support. We carry out objectives for each individual Resident based on their needs, interests and abilities with thegoal of helping them lead fulfilling and satisfying lives. We work with our Residents and their family members in helping them realize their own goals.

Careco Apartments, Inc.